Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Business

You are probably sick of hearing about snow now. I know I am. Why is it such a big deal in this country, a big snow fall and everything falls to pieces, public transport dies, the roads are treacherous and all anyone is talking about is snow! You go online and your Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with pictures and tales of woe about the snow. Even the tv is full of it, they even encourage you to send in your snow photos so they can show them on the news. I know that we don't really get that much snow here in the UK, but surely we should have it sussed by now.  I'm peeved because I was expecting my new bed to be delivered today and now the earliest I will get it is next Wednesday.
When we got up this morning we mocked the weather report that said we'd be waking up to a thick blanket of snow, there was barely a covering on the pavement and nothing on the road. The school texted to say it was open...but it was snowing. By the time we left for school the snow had become quite thick and it was welly time. The Little Man had not walked in snow before and was so excited. I figured letting him walk would be easier than trying to push his buggy. It was still snowing. When we reached the school we were told they would be closing at lunch time and it was up to us whether the children stayed or not. Boo and the Little Man wanted to stay, Star didn't and came home with me. It was still snowing.
Back home I did some housework and helped Star work on her homework (weighing and measuring) Then I got a call from the Little Man's teacher asking me to pick him up, so I picked up Boo too. It was still snowing and really thick underfoot by now.
We had a lovely afternoon playing in the snow all wrapped up.
Sorry if I've added to the deluge of snow stories, but now I'm going to punish you even more with our snow photos. (evil laugh)

The Little Man
Star and Daddy

Collage, click to enlarge

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays CornwallLinked to Coombe Mill's Country Kids, click on button for other posts in the linky.


  1. Loving your snow stories and pictures. Wow you have had it deep there. I amvery jealous, not a flake in Cornwall. Please do join my Country Kids linky, just the sort of out door play I love.

  2. it is abit silly how veryone makes such a song and dance about the snow, I mean it IS winter isn't it! But still, snow is good fun and always makes me smile- love your photos!

  3. Lovely pics but what a pain going back and forth to school. Both mine and the children's schools closed for snow so it was one loooong day as they were up at 6:30 in anticipation. Joy! x

  4. All the way to little mans knees! Lovely pictures, sounds like you had great fun x

    Found via Country Kids x

  5. Ha haaa! I like snow when I'm looking out of my window but hate being cold and wet but now my boys are old enough to enjoy it, looks like I'm destined to 'enjoy' it for a while to come :D Love your photos.
    (popping over from Country Kids)

  6. You would think that the third or fourth winter on the trot with heavy snow we would have learnt to cope by now! Still, a great excuse for some lovely pics. Popping over from the Country Kids linky x


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