Friday, 15 February 2013

In Need of Sunshine - Review Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is manufactured by your own body, but it needs exposure to sunlight to do so. These day there is a so much concern about the damage that the sun can do and we slap on the sun cream, lessening our chances of making vitamin D ourselves. We can get Vitamin D from our diet, oily fish are a good source  as are fortified breakfast cereals and milk.

We need vitamin D to help our bodies to absorb calcium, and therefore it helps strengthen our bones and teeth. It also strengthens our immune system making us more resistant to cold and flu bugs.

My 7 yr old daughter, Star, has a poor intake of calcium and although she goes to school every day (we walk) on non school days it is very difficult to get her to go out during the cooler months. She is happier to go out in the summer but of course then she will be plastered in sun cream. After a consultation with her GP I decided to start her on vitamin D3 supplements. (Vitamin D3 is the same type as produced by your own body when exposed to sunlight)

I was given a bottle of Natures Aid Vitamin D3 drops to review. For over 5 yr olds the dose is 1ml daily. The dose is easily measured with the enclosed dropper in the lid of the bottle. The vitamin is in coconut oil, which is easily hidden in drinks or food. I found with Star that the dose could be dropped on the back of her tongue without bothering her. The drops are suitable for vegetarians and have not preservatives or additives. The vitamins can also be given to babies in a smaller dose, either added to their milk, on a pacifier or on mother's nipple when nursing.

Supplements should not be used in place of a varied diet.

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