Monday, 25 February 2013

Weighing it All Up

I've decided to lose a little weight. I've not really got back to normal after having three kids in seven years and seeing as Little Man is now two I think it's time I did something about it. So today I've started a diet, nothing to drastic, just watching what I eat and quitting all the bad stuff. My bathroom scales are broke, I think the Little Man did it, he breaks everything, so I ordered some more online. Well, they arrived today broken! They are mechanical scales and stuck on 9st. I called up the supplier to ask them about a return and replacement. This is the conversation that followed.

I started by telling her they were scales and they were broken. Then she started giggling and said
"sorry, but my computer is asking if you would like a discount"
I said: "no, they are broken and no use"
She said: "I know, daft isn't it, maybe they think you could still find a use for them"
I said: "well they are actually stuck on 9st, I guess I could pretend and just give up the diet right now"
She said: "ohh send them over to me, I'll have them, I would call them Dr Feelgood Scales (they are actually called Dr Style)"
so now we are both giggling and decide that you don't need diets, just scales that lie.
Calming down she continues
"it could take up to 21 days for a refund, the product has to be returned and tested before a refund is issued"
then she starts giggling again
"I've just imagined some fat bloke jumping up and down on them trying to make them go higher"

So I may not have working scales yet, but at least phoning up to complain has made me smile.

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  1. funny! honnestly you don't need scales, I haben't had any for over 20 years but I know from my clothes what I weigh!


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