Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Big Nasty C Word

A year ago my friend lost her life after a long battle with Cancer. She found a lump in her breast shortly after her little boy was born. Sadly she knew from the start that her battle was one she couldn't win because of the aggressiveness of the disease. She did, however, fight it with all her might for six years and never lost her dignity. Rest In Peace dear Clare.

I lost my mum to Cancer on Christmas Day 2008. She didn't know she had it until a hospital visit in late November. It was everywhere and there was nothing that could be done. She had no chance of fighting and lived only fifteen days after her diagnosis.

Two of my friends have also lost their mum's to the dreaded disease in the past few years.

Then just a few weeks ago a lovely family man, Gavin, also lost his life. He was one of my first ever friends on Twitter when I joined nearly four years ago. Last year he told me he was going to have his wisdom tooth removed. I've had all of mine taken out and made a lame joke about being 'wisdomless.' Sadly, they found things where not right, he had Cancer. They operated and for a very short while he believed the battle was won, but it had spread and the battle was soon over.

It's awful losing someone to this dreaded disease, and every day online you will find someone fighting their own battles. When Gavin died I decided I'd like to do something for a Cancer related charity. The very same day I heard about Wig Wednesday which the supports the children's Cancer charity Clic Sargeant. Did you know that every day 10 families in the UK are told that their child has Cancer? The gruelling treatment often leaves Cancer victims without their hair, and that's what Wig Wednesday is all about.

Quite simply, on Wednesday 22nd May I will be wearing a wig all day, on the school run, to the shops, everywhere. I will purchase my wig from the Wig Wednesday shop where all profits go to the charity. (I quite fancy the Curls Aloud Wig in red.) I will be raising money for Clic Sargeant and raising awareness for the next couple of months.
Donations can be made through my brand new Just Giving Page. Please give a little if you can, every donation counts. Then on 22nd may I will wear my wig and share my day with you here on my blog.


  1. What a moving post. So sorry to hear you have lost so many people to cancer. I am lucky that my life hasn't been affected by cancer, but I have recently been inspired by fellow blogger crazywithtwins, who has cancer, to run the Race for Life.

  2. That's great Sarah, I wish you the very best. I would have liked to have run but me and running just don't fit, that's why I went for Wig Wednesday. I don't mind making a complete fool of myself and if I can raise a little for a good cause then all the better.

  3. Cancer is an awful disease, I have known too many wonderful people lose their battle, truly devastating. I have asked my daughter's school whether they will be able to take part in fundraising

  4. So sorry to hear you've lost these friends and loved ones. I have run the race for life but wig wednesday sounds like such a great way to raise awareness.


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