Monday, 15 April 2013

Contigo Kids Cups - Review

Kids cups are something we get through a lot and I was happy to review two cups from Contigo. Star has poor motor skills and at seven years old still has problems drinking from a regular cup. This means we usually end up buying sports bottles or cups with fitted straws as she is just too old for the traditional sippy cups. We still have a lot of problem with leaks though, that is until we used these cups.

First we tried her with the Autoseal Runabout cup. For once she didn't complain about it not being pink as the bright orange and yellow colours were very pleasing. Although, I do believe you can buy the cup in pink! This cup works by a pressing the large autoseal button which releases a gap at the top of the cup so you can drink it like normal. I thought she may have trouble co-ordinating the pushing along with the sipping but she got the hang of it almost immediately. The best thing is, as soon as the button is released, the cup is sealed, so no spillage. Star like to take a cup of water to bed with her and we often find she's grabbed it during the night and fallen asleep while drinking, leaving us with wet bedding. With this cup there was no spillage because the cup was sealed as soon as she stopped pressing the button. Another great thing about this cup is that there is nothing for her to chew on, Star chews everything  in sight, but with no protruding parts to put in her mouth this cup is going to remain un-chewed. 
In summary, this lovely colourful cup is grown-up like, 100% spill proof and un-chewable. It's also dishwasher safe and BPA free. It can hold 420mls of drink.

She wasn't the only person who liked this cup though, the Little Man was grabbing it whenever he could.

The other cup we reviewed, the Striker Autosprout, was more like your typical sports bottle with a pop-up spout. You click a button and the spout comes out, when folded away it becomes leak proof again. You don't need to bite on the spout to drink and it's a little larger than the normal straw like bottle spouts. It also seems a little sturdier,  I think Star would take a long time chewing her way through this one. However, it was Star's sister Boo, aged five, who claimed this bottle, especially with blue being her favourite colour. It also has a nifty little handle for carrying. Also BPA free and diswasher safe, my favourite feature had to be the way the spout is hidden away when not in use. 

Of course there was a wee man who also loved this cup and couldn't keep his hands off!

My children loved these cups and I'm now thinking of getting the Little Man one of his own. They do state for over 3 years and he has a couple of months to go, but he managed quite well with both cups. 

You can find out more about Contigo Kids Cups here
You can purchase Contigo Kids cups on Amazon

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  1. These look brilliant! Fantastic too that Star and Little Man felt the same. What a great find :)


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