Sunday, 30 June 2013

Eldest Daughter's Birthday

Twenty four years ago I gave birth to my first little girl. The day before I'd been for a 40 week ante-natal check-up and had been told that my baby was breach. On the way home from the hospital my then husband stopped off somewhere and I waited in the car. My baby then turned and I went into labour. She was born at 2.30 am the day after her due date.

Today didn't start too good, first up I was wishing my girl a happy 23rd birthday. I don't know why I got it wrong, I'm old, I've got five kids, I get mixed up, it was early! Then I upset her with the card I bought her. I'd had it made at Funky Pigeon but she really didn't like it :(

I'd promised to take her for lunch so I left the littlies with  Daddy and we went off into town. We had lunch at Mount Fuji. I think I may have said before that she likes Japanese food. Today we had a chicken teryaki, tempura and sushi bento box which was totally yum. We also had the obligatory matcha tiramisu afterwards. We tried calpico to drink for the first time and it was really nice, I normally have a hojicha which is a green tea latte but it was so hot today I went for something cold and refreshing.

After lunch we decided to go to the cinema and see World War Z. Eldest daughter has a bit of an obsession with zombies ever since she read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. She has also read World War Z so really wanted to see the movie. Apparently, the movie doesn't really follow the book, but then the book is basically a series of interviews after a zombie apocalypse and that wouldn't translate readily into 'blockbuster' movie would it? We watched the movie in 3D for extra effect and I was rather impressed with the lovely Brad Pitt, he looks good for his age (older than me!) The film itself was not the gory zombie fest I'd expected but actually a thrill seeking apocalypse movie with plenty of action and a few million 'fast' zombies thrown in. Now, if you are familiar with zombies you'll know that they move slow and you have to re-kill them with a blow to the head before they bite you. Well, in this movie, they move incredibly fast and you have to re-kill them with a blow to the head before they bite you. The turnaround is pretty quick too, with most victims turning into zombies within just 12 seconds of being attacked. This makes for lots and lots of zombies. Brad Pitt (did I say how good he looks in 3D?) plays the main character Gerry on a quest to save the world from this terrible infection that's turning everyone into zombies. He travels all over the world ending up with the WHO doctors in cardiff (oh the irony) I really enjoyed the movie and it didn't really bother me that even with so many zombies the gore factor was kept to a minimum. Definitely not a horror movie, but an action packed movie with a rather dashing Brad Pitt. (Did I mention Brad Pitt before?)

Anyway, back home we all enjoyed a slice of Eldest Daughter's birthday cake which I'd made. At her request the design was Lulu, the fat cat from the game Tales of Xillia, which ED is addicted to (And it doesn't have any zombies in)

Happy Birthday Eldest Daughter xxx

Linking up to Magic Moments because any day I get to spend with my eldest daughter is a magic one.
(and getting to see Brad Pitt in 3D, did I mention that?)


  1. Nice! My daughter is nearly 24. Me and my daughter like Japanese food too. We have eaten a couple of times at Wagamama's in Aberdeen.

  2. Happy Birthday to your eldest daughter!! what a lovely day you did spend with her. I love Japanese food too :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    P.s i think you did an amazing job on the cake!

  3. You are braver than me!! I couldn't watch the trailer for World War Z - let alone the entire movie! Hope she had a super birthday x


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