Monday, 22 July 2013

Graduation...At Two Years Old!

The other day I was honoured to attend the graduation of my Little Man from his pre-school.
It was lovely to join in with the other parents to hear about how our little ones have progressed and what they have achieved.
With the Little Man I've been through many worries. He was a difficult baby and a very slow learner. He reached all his milestones late and at one stage I was wondering if there was something wrong with him as all he did was cry, he didn't sit up or roll over, he just lay there on his back. He never crawled, after he finally learnt to sit he progressed to bottom shuffling. He was a late walker, being nearly two years old when he took his first steps. He didn't even attempt to cruise around the furniture, in fact he wouldn't even put his feet down to stand. He language development was also slow and his vocabulary was minimum by the time he started pre-school.
I was wary about letting him go to pre-school. He'd been so slow I wasn't sure it would be the right environment for him. I thought long and hard and decided that I'd let him go, but if it didn't work out I'd just take him out again.

By the time he started his pre-school, called Little Builders, he was walking and had a small vocabulary. He seemed so young at 25 months to be leaving me all day, even for just two days a week. Surprisingly he settled right away. He loved the staff caring for him and loved going to school. Within no time at all he was on par with all the other children there. His language developed really quick once faced with competing against other chatty toddlers.

I never had any problems leaving him, well he didn't have any problems, I missed him like crazy. He would go into his classroom quite happily every time. I always went in with him but he was happy to give me a kiss and wave me off. He's certainly not a clingy child. Sometimes I felt a little jealous of the mum's who's toddler would be clinging to their legs, but in reality it was nice to know that the Little Man was confident enough to let me go, he knew I would be back for him. He always looked forward to his time at the Little Builders.

His graduation was a big deal for me, my little boy who had seemed so far behind the other children at the start had grown so much and learnt so much. Being an August baby he's always going to be one of the youngest in a school group, but now I don't have to worry that he'll be playing catch up. To top it all, he is completely toilet trained and I didn't really have much trouble with him.

I'm so proud of my Little Man, and this is most certainly one my most magic moments of this year.

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  1. Well done to your little man, you must be one proud mummy!

  2. Congratulations, and how cute does he look in his graduation outfit - what a very proud moment for you both.

  3. that is so lovely!!! you must be so proud! bless him in his graduation outfit so cute

  4. Thats fantastic news and he has made such amazing progress in such a short space of time. He really is a little superstar, congratulations on his graduation. Such a proud moment.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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