Monday, 16 September 2013

Local Festival...what a difference a year makes!

Every year we have a local festival on our Square (which is actually round, but it has four, I can't work it out either!) Last year we had a sunny fun day as these pics show:

Just one year later and it was a different story as rain stopped play. Most activities couldn't go ahead and it was too windy for the bouncy castles. We still had 'center stage' with various acts and there was a marquee with cakes, activities and face painting. There was one little train ride which the littlies enjoyed and Boo was face painted as a pink cat:

It was quite sad really that the weather was so bad. We had been looking forward to seeing local residents for the last time at the festival but as you can imagine the turnout was pretty poor. Maybe we will make a special trip back again next year if the weather is nice.

So what do you do when your festival is a washout? You bring on a singing monkey!

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  1. It's such a shame isn't it with our weather. We've not done any festivals as Monkey isn't great in those kind of environments.


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