Friday, 27 September 2013

Mad Blog Awards 2013, Oh yes, I was there!

On Friday 20th September I was lucky enough to be one of the finalists attending the MAD Blog Awards. I am still amazed that I made it to the finals, that people actually nominated and voted for my blog. If you did, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The day came at the end of a totally manic week. We actually moved house on the day before the awards. I'd hardly slept all week with the stress of the move, I'd barely had time to feel anxious about the awards, or even travelling to London by myself. On the morning I grabbed my bag that had been packed before we moved and kept safely so it didn't get lost and jumped in my rented car. The plan was to return the car and then jump the train to London, but I forgot my mobile and had to go back home to fetch it barely making my train on time. I was so tired I actually slept on the train and I never sleep on public transport. Finally I arrived in London and promptly got lost on my way to the hotel. When I arrived I was hot, sweaty and stressed. The receptionist at the hotel was charming and coped very well with my tired and frazzled brain and incoherent babbling.

After freshening up I met my lovely friend Steph from Steph's Two Girls. When then got ready together and were soon on our way to the Royal Kensington Garden Hotel for the awards. The evening started with champagne and the meeting of many lovely bloggers. It's always a lovely experience meeting a blogger that you have been reading, you feel like you kind of know them already.

I'd been gifted my dress by Boden, I'd chosen a lovely navy blue embroidered dress.

We then sat down for a delicious three course meal with lots of wine. I was sat by Monika from Mum on the Brink and Ruth from Geek Mummy. I'd seen these ladies before but not had the chance to speak to them properly. They are both really lovely ladies. I was also lucky enough to share my table with Lexi from MammyWoo who walked away with not one but two awards, including Blog of the Year! The Outstanding Blogger Award left us with not a dry eye in the house. All finalists were brought to the stage and emotions were high, they were all winners but it was Jennie from Edspire who walked away with the trophy. The presenter for the evening was Dr Ranj, best known for his role in CBeebies Get Well Soon.

After the awards we were treated to music and dancing and a rather crazy chef called Mozzerella to keep us entertained. There was also a surf board challenge for anyone brave enough to take a go.

It was a truly magical evening and I consider myself so lucky to have been able to attend. Many thanks to MAD Blog Awards and Parent Dish, and all who made this evening so special.


  1. It was a fab evening, wasn't it?! Thank you so much Roomie for letting me in, was so good to meet you! Promise not to tell anyone how you had food poisoning ;) off to email you the pics now - hope your internet comes back soon!!

  2. Your dress was beautiful, and thanks so much for coming along!


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