Thursday, 5 September 2013

Update on Stars Neck

It's been almost five weeks since Star hurt her neck. To me I see no improvement at all and she is still in pain. The hospital decided against intervention such as traction or manipulation and I'm glad because it would have been so distressing for her. However, I'm really concerned that she's not improving.

Today we went back to the hospital, we've been going weekly since she came home. She saw a dr that we have not seen before, he looked at her for about five seconds and then said ok, we'll see her in 6 weeks. He didn't even ask if she felt any better or if I had any concerns.

Next we went to see the orthotics nurse who fitted her with a new collar. This one is a torticollis collar and is meant to correct the neck back into it's normal position. It doesn't. Within half hour of wearing it Stars neck was bending right down again and she'd slipped right out of the support. Now if she sits up straight she can stay in the support, but she's 8 years old and there is no way I can keep her sitting straight all day.

Her old collar gave her support but it wasn't correcting her neck. Five times a day we have been removing the collar and doing physio with her. It hurts her, but mostly because the collar is causing her neck to be stiff. That's why we have to keep exercising.

After the collar fitting we went to see the physiotherapist who was the most concerned of everyone we saw today. She doesn't see much improvement either and is worried that the new collar is not suitable for Star. She has told me to give it a try but to call her if I am worried. We go back for physiotherapy every week until Star is well again. It may be some time.

The bus journey home reminded me of the time before she had the first collar, she cried in pain at every bump, break and corner. I'll definitely be using her old collar for journeys in the future.

Tonight for the first time in over a week I had to give her codeine at bedtime to ease her pain. She'd had paracetamol earlier but it didn't help. The codeine works but now she'll be nauseous in the morning.

Soon Star will be going back to school. A new school in a new area with none of her friends there to support her. I am so worried for her.


  1. That's just dreadful. Poor little one. I'm amazed that no one else was more concerned by the fit! Keep us updated. Hugs to you all and I hope the house move goes smoothly.

  2. i just can't believe they haven't given Star a neck brace, have you still got one? goodness its awful to think she is in pain Again ! ...sending love to you all X

  3. Oh this is so unfair, really sad to read this. You'll have to be a warrior mum, keep on at them, don't let them off the hook if they're not doing their job properly! Easier said than done with everything else, I know. Really hope the new school start goes well - she's gorgeous so am sure all the other kids will rally round her x

  4. It's been a few days since you wrote this post, but I've just now seen it, so I am still commenting. I hope Star is doing better. Doctors are sometimes so tough to stomach. I hope you can get them to listen to you, but I know it is easier said than done most times.
    Maybe a specialist? Or the Physiotherapist could help talk to them? Sorry, didn't mean to say things you've thought of yourself. It is a very frustrating situation, so good luck :)
    Hope the start of school goes well!


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