Friday, 18 October 2013

A Little Garden Story

Once upon a time there were seven dwarfs

They all lived together cramped up in a little cottage

(this was not our real house)

There was not much room and they were very unhappy.
Then one day a lovely fairy godmother, called Carol, phoned and asked if they would like to move to a big house that was just being built. They went to take a look at the house....
(this is our real house)

It wasn't quite finished but they were very happy. They waited and waited and then the day came and they moved into the finished house. It was lovely, they had so much room and all seven of them were really happy. There was one thing though...the garden

the new and boring garden

Although it was very new, it was also rather boring. The smallest of the dwarf family enjoyed running around on the grass but thought they would be happier with a more exciting garden. What could they do?
Raisie thought all her wishes with her fairy godmother were used up, but still she decided that if she could come up with some wonderful ideas for the garden then maybe, just maybe the fairy godmother would make one more wave of her magic wand.

Over on the Tots 100 site Raisie found a fabulous competition where you could become and ambassador for Activity Toys Direct. All she had to do was go magic shopping with £750.
Now, what would make the boring garden a magical wonderland for the little dwarfs?

To start with they would need a little play house of their own. They loved pretend play, becoming characters or even animals in their own imaginations and acting out fantastic stories. Imagine the magical places they could pretend to visit if they had a play house like this;

Activity Toys Direct
TP Toys Forest Villa 2 Wooden Playhouse £399

Then think of those lovely summer afternoons when the little ones just want to stay outside all day. They could eat their lunch in the garden if they had one of these;

Activity Toys Direct
Plum Garden Picnic Table and Carousel £54.99

The little dwarfs love having fun with sand and water, building a beach in our little garden would be maybe taking it a step too far, and I'm sure the neighbours and the cats wouldn't be too impressed. A fabulous sand and water table, however, would be a fantastic alternative.

Activity Toys Direct
Step 2 Sand and Water activity centre £74.99
Now although the girls, Star and Boo, like a lot of imaginative play, the Little Man likes excitement and rushing around. So this next choice is especially for him, and maybe it will keep him occupied enough to let the girls have a little space for their quieter play.

Activity Toys Direct
Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster £129.99

 Finally, no garden is complete without a garden swing. The little dwarfs can take turns to swing and push, and I'm pretty sure there will be lots of singing going on as well.

Activity Toys Direct
TP Forest Single Swing £83.99
With almost all the money spent, Raisie finds £7 left...ohhh ice cream for everyone!
This is our garden of fun for our little dwarfs but a fairy tale is not complete without some pretty princesses and handsome prince charming.

The Little dwarfs dressed royally

So they all lived happily ever after......

No Wait!!

That's not the end, the garden is for everyone, what about the big dwarfs? Surely they deserve a little something too?

A few things for the big dwarfs

Now all the dwarfs are happy :)

The End

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition.


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