Thursday, 31 October 2013

Educational Resources From Twinkl

I'm not a stranger to home schooling. I did it with both my eldest children many years ago. We had a computer and internet back then but it was difficult to find resources online. You either had to be a teacher or pay lots of money to access any available resources. If only Twinkl was available back then.

In the end I had help from home tutors who came to the house and eventually my Eldest Daughter got through her exams. No1 son who also had a home tutor for a while ended up going to a BESD (behaviour, emotional and social difficulties) school where he was supposed to be for six months and ended up being there for three years.

I can't currently Home School the littlies as much as I would love to, but I do like to encourage further learning at home, so finding a good website with so many resources is great.
Twinkl Teaching Resources is the trusted home and one stop shop for thousands of lovely, unique and FREE printable teaching resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2, teachers, home educators, childminders, nurseries and more.

Twinkle has an excellent section for Parents including time tables and behaviour charts as well as work sheets for reading, writing and numbers just to name a few.
There is also a free trial of resources for schools which can save time with all it's unique and helpful tools and materials.

As it is Halloween we decided to try out the Halloween activities resource pack and had fun with the colouring sheets, wordsearch and trump cards as well as finding a pumpkin soup recipe sheet. 

I also printed off the Autistic Spectrum Mind Map which is really useful and I'm planning on giving a copy to Star's teacher. In fact there are lots of resources for Special Needs and I will be working my way through them.

There are lots of resources for Autumn and I've been looking through the Bonfire Night activities. I will be downloading some word maps and getting the girls to write some Bonfire related poetry. As well as having fun while learning I hope I can prepare the littlies for the noise and sensory overload that is Bonfire Night.

Twinkl also has a great community forum you can join along with lots of other parents, students, teachers and teaching assistants. It's easy to join in and chat with others or ask those niggling questions.

Twinkl also has an awesome blog, a recent post has lots of Halloween Crafts for you to do with your children, or why not enter their fantastic competition to win a bundle of goodies from Hobbycraft?

You can join Twinkl for free and if you like what it has to offer you can upgrade for as little as £24.95 a year for Gold Membership or £39.95 for Platinum Membership where you can have access to over 97,000 resources!

I was gifted a Platinum membership of Twinkl for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and be prepared as I will be sharing more of our activities that we have found from Twinkl in the future. 


  1. Oh what a lovely review and thanks so much for the care you've taken with it! I'm so glad you like our parents section and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. Twinkl have some great stuff - I love their resources to go along with books that the kids have read.


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