Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How Many Soapy Funny Faces?

We were sent a bottle of H&A Finding Nemo Bubbly bath to review and straight away the Little Man couldn't wait to try it out, he loves bath time.

bubbly bath

First we had to smell the bubble bath, it was a very delicate smell, I think the Little Man got it right when he said it smelled clean. We made lots of bubbles in the bath then it was time to get in.

The Little Man's favourite bathtime fun is making bath water tea. He loves playing with his little yellow teapot and pouring it into a cup. He even pretends to drink it, and of course mummy has to pretend to drink it too.

bubble bath

When we get to washing the Little Man's hair we play ceiling ducks. We look right up to the ceiling and tell a story about the ducks that live up there. In our old house I had stickers of ducks on the ceiling, but for now we are just imagining them. The ducks are often joined by other animals too, frogs and fish are firm favourites. While the Little Man tells me his story, looking right up to the ceiling with his head back, I was his hair easily with no shampoo going anywhere near his eyes, and he's so distracted that he doesn't even notice what I'm doing.
Then it's time to have some fun with the bubbles.

bubble bath

Finally, it's time for one last play at swimming and splashing, then it's time to get dry.

bubble bath

The Little Man is not the only one to have fun in the bath, his sister's have made up their own games too, like mermaids and treasure hunt. Maybe one day I'll share them with you too.

This post was written for the Tots100 and H&A competition. We recieved a bottle of Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath to review. The Little Man loved the bottle with Nemo on the front. He also loved the smell and bubbles the bubble bath created in his bath. I thought the bubble bath left the Little Man feeling soft and silky and I am happy that it contains nothing nasty to irritate his delicate skin. Despite getting bubbles absolutely everywhere, he didn't mind because they didn't irritate him. I would recommend this bubble bath to my friends with small children. I'm pretty sure my girls will enjoy using it too. 

I am loving other H&A products that are available too, my girls are keen for me to get some Ariel Conditioning and Ariel Detangler and the Bathtime Buddies range looks like loads of fun. Also, there are loads of bathtime products featuring favourite characters like Thomas The Tank Engine, Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, Ben 10 and many more. 


  1. Sounds great fun :o) Might pinch your idea of using ceiling friends & stories to help when R's not in the mood for a hair wash!! The Nemo bubbles sound good - will have to look them up!

    1. It's taken the Little Man a while to get into the ceiling ducks, but the girls have been doing it for years and it works a treat for us :)

  2. Cute photos and good information! I have a grandson with very sensitive skin. :)


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