Thursday, 2 January 2014

When My Mum Was Forty Two

It's funny how memories stick in your mind from long ago.

I remember when my mum was Forty Two.
My aunts and nan came to our house to visit and mum got the third degree!
But you can't be pregnant, you're 42!
Are you sure it's not the menopause?
Why on earth are you having more kids at your age?
You've got three kids why do you want more?
What are you going to do about your job?
What does Fred think about it?

I remember when my mum was forty two.
My dad took me to the shop and gave me a pound note to spend on her birthday present.
I bought her a hair dye (very dark brown) and a bar of Dairy Milk.

I remember when my mum was forty two.
She was rushed into hospital when my brother came early.
She was gone for more than a week, I'd never been so long without her before.
I missed her so much.

I remember when my mum was forty two.
She used to wear her long hair tied up in a pony tail.
She hated the grey streak that would grow at the front.
She would spend Saturday shopping with my nan.

I remember my mum every day.
Happy Birthday in heaven Mrs B.

02/01/1931 - 25/12/2008

me and my mum 1983

Prose for Thought


  1. How lovely and your Mum would be so proud to know you were writing and thinking of her today x

  2. Love that greay streak - must have made her very unique. Can feel how much she is still missed but am sure she's watching you x

  3. What a truly lovely heartfelt poem for your Mum. I am certain that she would love this beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for linking with Prose for Thought x

  4. This is a lovely tribute. The storytelling in it is lovely.


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