Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MAD Blog Awards 2014

It's that time of year again, the nominations for the MAD blog awards are now open. I was so thrilled to be nominated last year and couldn't believe it when I made it to the finals. It really made my year and I'd so love to do it all again. This is where I have to ask my readers for a nomination. Last year I was nominated in the Schooldays category, but this year I'd like to be considered for the Family Fun category. I've made a little photo book of some of the family fun we've had over the past year, so if you would take a look and then decide if I'm worth your nomination I'd be really smiling, and if I made it through to the finals again, I'd be grinning like a loon.

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I'm making up my list of who to nominate and it's really difficult, there are so many lovely blogs out there it's so hard to choose.

In case you are having trouble choosing too, I'd like to list a few of my favourites. If I listed them all then you'd be stuck for choice too.

If there was a Special Needs category (which I really do think there should be) then these would get my vote for sure:

The photography blogs are always really difficult to choose from (and make me so jealous) but here are a few I love;

I'm not going to give you my favourites for all categories, but I will give you a few more that really deserve a look at.

Please take a look around and nominate some blogs, it really means a lot to us bloggers to feel that our hard work is appreciated.

If you are a blogger and I've not listed you, it's not because I don't love you, I was trying to keep my list short xx

To make your nominations please go to the MAD blog awards site and first choose your blog for the blog of the year award. You will then be given the chance to nominate in all or any of the other 16 categories. Remember to have the URLs of the blogs you wish to nominate handy. You can only fill in the form one time, so try to be prepared before you start. You have until 14/03/14 to make your nominations.

So go vote! 

And good luck to all my fellow bloggers x


  1. I loved your photos that you've put together - those autumn ones were especially lovely! thank you so much for the mention too. xxx

    1. Thank you Rebecca xx I mentioned you because I love your blog (And I'm now a big fan of your boy's blog too)

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the mention lovely lady :) Hope to see you there again this year (I have everything crossed!) xx

  3. Thanks for posting and what a lovely idea with the video. Good luck!
    MADs Editor

  4. Lovely blog so glad I found you - my Son has Bilateral talipes & Hympermobilty would love to catch up - are you on twitter I'm @bexandmic ... Wishing you all the luck in the Mads xxx



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