Monday, 24 March 2014

Kids In the Kitchen - Green Pancakes

Welcome back to Kids in the Kitchen.
We've had a lot of sickness over the weekend, it's not been a happy house, and poor mummy has not had much sleep. Luckily, we did our recipes last week before the illness struck. 

Last week our linkers were The Beesley buzz with, three yummy recipes, including a very lovely looking Minion Cake. Honey from Giraffe in the Bath (I just love that Blog Name) has made a yummy parsnip and cinnamon cake. And thanks to Lisa from Life Away From the Office Chair for submitting her Cilantro limeRice 

This week we cooked Green Pancakes, the recipe was included in our Weekend Box. 

We would so love to hear about your recipes and what you have cooked with your kids. So please link up your posts old and new and I'll give you a mention next week.

If you would like to know more about Kids in the Kitchen and why I started this linky, please read our Kids in the Kitchen page.

Green Pancakes.


160g spinach, fresh or frozen
40g grated cheese
2tbs plain flour
1tbs olive oil
1 egg
pinch salt and pepper
Weekend box special spices. (which I believe were paprika and cumin)


My helper this week was Boo, she started by reading the instructions.

She added the flour to the egg and mixed them together, then she added the spinach and we had a gooey sticky mixture.

She then added the spices to the mix and gave it another stir.

Then it was mummy's turn, and I put the olive oil in the pan and heated it up. I put a ladlefull of the mixture into the pan and after a few seconds I allowed Boo to carefully squash the mixture down with a fish slice. We cooked it on one side for about 1 minute then turned it over and cooked the other side. Boo squished it down again. When it was cooked on both sides we removed it from the pan and continued with the same process for the rest of the mixture.

Then Boo sprinkled cheese on the pancakes.

Boo was incredibly pleased with her work and gave the pancakes a thumbs up. I also enjoyed them as I love spinach. They were not well received by my fussy eater star though, and the Little Man was too poorly to try one.

Now it's your turn, what will your kids be cooking, do come and let us know.
I'd love it if you included my badge in your post so others can see and join in.

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  1. they sound great! It reminds me of an iranian dish - cookoo sabzeh which is like a green herby omlette. Thank you as always for the mention too! The Brilliant Chef himself plans to link up this week. He's just about to write up his post shortly. x


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