Thursday, 13 March 2014

Making Me Proud

I spend a lot of time giving updates about Star and how brave she is, and I will admit, she does take up a lot of my time and attention. However, I do make time for my other littlies, Boo and Little Man too and this post I'd like to dedicate to Boo.

In her old school Boo was a little slow in comparison to the other children. Being one of the youngest in the class (late July baby) means she was a little behind in her learning. She was put on an Individual Education Plan and given extra help to try and catch up with the others. That was last year.

This morning I was watching Boo finish off her homework and I was really surprised at how far she had progressed. Her reading is really good, but not only that, she has methods of working out how to read words she has not seen before or words that are difficult to read. When I read her a bedtime story, she loves to take over the reading for a while and if it's a difficult book to read then she loves to read the chapter titles.

Her hand writing is so much neater and you can she is really concentrating to do her best. The best thing is, she really wants to learn and tries so hard. So even is she is still not the brightest in the class she has caught up loads and no longer needs her IEP. I'm sure if she continues with her enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge that she will do well in her education.

Her class has a reward system in place for behaviour. Each day, each child starts on Green, then depending on their behaviour they can move down to Amber or Red if they misbehave, or move up to Gold if they are good. Every day Boo ends up on Gold, then yesterday she told me she had reached Sparkly Gold which means she had been exceptionally good and worked really hard, she was also rewarded with a special sparkly pencil which is imprinted with Special Award.

Also, since starting her new school in October last year, she has had only one day off through sickness. Her attendance record is really good and she loves to go, despite still finding it difficult to fit in being a late addition to the class. I know she still misses her old friends, but nothing stands in her way of learning.

So I'd like to say a big Well Done to Boo, she really makes me proud.

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  1. Well done Boo! I love that she got to sparkly gold - how great is that!

  2. Well done :) my little girl Isabelle is an august baby and I can see the difference between her and the older children in her class x

  3. Awww!! Well done Boo! Sounds like you have every reason to be proud xx

  4. Well done to her! She sounds like an amazing little girl!

  5. Well done Boo - making Mum's proud is a valuable skill to have! #wotw and also opping by from the Big Bad Blog Share Improve Your Google Rankings post - that's a mouthful!

  6. Well done! A good reason to be proud.

  7. Ah, a lovely post! Well done to Boo, and I can see why you'd be so proud :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  8. Ah, that is so brilliant, she's doing so well! She'll go a long way with that attitude of just getting on with things and doing her best :) x

  9. Well done Boo, you are doing so well. I love the award system they have in place, I bet she is really proud of her new pencil. It sounds like she is also doing fantastic with her reading.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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