Friday, 18 April 2014

A Trip to The Nature Reserve

We made the most of the midweek sunshine and treated ourselves to a trip to our local nature center, or The Nature Reserve as it is now known. It's had a bit of a revamp (and a huge price increase) Since we moved house we are actually closer now and we pass it all the time so the kids have been driving us bonkers to go there for a visit.

We were so lucky with the weather, it really was a beautiful sunny and warm day. Star was feeling good too. We set off in the morning and took our own picnic for lunch.

As always the littlies always love looking at the animals.

Favourite animals where the spider monkeys. They were so funny playing with their sticks. They also liked the meerkats, snakes and the giant tortoise. In fact they liked most of the animals and had lots of fun watching them.

Here are a couple of strange looking ring tailed lemurs.

We had time to play in the playground but it was very busy so we didn't stay long and Star was entertained a little more quietly.

Then Boo and the Little Man decided they wanted their faces painted. We had to wait for about half an hour for their turn. Daddy took Star off to look around the shop while we waited. It was the first time the Little Man had had his face painted and he sat so still, he barely moved a muscle, it was hard to believe it was the same little boy, he doesn't normally stay that still, not even while sleeping!
The end result was two beautiful cats.

This door always creates a lot of interest. Situated on the side of a large shed, it is bolted but not locked.
Do you know what is behind it?

Worlds Most Dangerous Animal

Star was a little nervous but I went with her and she pulled back the bolt and opened the door.
Behind the door is a mirror!
Ingenious, the World Most Dangerous Animal is of course a human being.

We had a lovely day, it was so nice just to get out of the house and this week we've been out twice. Once to the Nature Reserve and then into town to the Skribbies store. Next week we have another treat lined up as we are off the the Town Hall to see a performance of Jaqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather!

Linking up with the fabulous Coombe Mill Blog and Country Kids, go see what every was has been up to gettin out and about this week.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Love how happy they are. That most dangeous animal door is a nice touch! #countrykids

  2. so cute, looks like a great day. The face painting is brilliant #countrykids x

  3. Looks fab there - where is it? We must go! And we went to Skribbies, too - my husband was last seen designing and scribbling on my daughter's new trainers!

    1. The Nature Reserve, formally known as the Nature Centre is on the Pershore Road in Edgbaston. It backs on to Cannon Hill Park. You should visit, it's lovely. I didn't take many photos of the animals, that was hubbys job. Sorry I missed you at Skribbies, we were all bit rubbish at talking to each other, I think it's hard when you've not met before, but crazy seeing as we all know each other's blogs.

  4. That looks like a great place to visit. I love the face paints - they look amazing! Boo and little man look so different with their faces painted - so much detail and the colours look great. x

  5. Sunshine, animals and children - all make for a great family day out! Lovely face painting and some pretty awesome lemurs too. Thanks for linking up and sharing your animal adventures with Country Kids.

  6. It looks such fun! I love fun days out with my family xx

  7. We've regulars there too. We always laugh at the world's most dangerous animal door.


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