Monday, 23 June 2014

Kids In The Kitchen - Lemon Drizzle Cake

Woo hoo! we are back.
Now my Star is getting better and things have settled down at home it's time for us to start sharing our cooking fun again. Boo and the Little Man helped me make a Lemon Drizzle Cake which happens to be one of my very favourite cakes.

I'm thrilled that we were able to take part in the Bahlsen Family Bake Off and we have our fingers tightly crossed for the wonderful prize of a weekend in Legoland.
You can see our entry here:

I would also like to give a mention to Steph's Two Girls and The Brick Castle who are also taking part in the bake off and linked up their entries to the last Kids in the Kitchen (which seems such a long time ago now!)
You can see all the rest of the entries on the Bahlsen Family Bake off You Tube page.
A big good luck to everyone taking part x

Lemon Drizzle Cake

  • 175g unsalted butter
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 225g self-raising flour
  • 2 tbs milk
  • finely grated zest of one lemon
  • 6 tbs lemon juice
  • 3 tbs golden syrup
Preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4
lightly grease a 2lb loaf pan

The Little man loves measuring so he measured the butter and sugar and then Boo mixed them together until they were creamy.

The Little Man beat the eggs with a fork and Boo added them to the mixture a little at a time.

The Little Man measured out the flour and Boo folded it into the batter.
Mummy grated the lemon and added it to the batter
The Little Man juiced the lemon and we added about a tablespoon to the cake batter saving the rest for the drizzle.
Boo mixed in the milk and then we put the batter in the loaf pan and I put it in the oven.

Just before the cake had finished cooking I heated up the remaining lemon juice with the golden syrup in a pan. When the cake was cooked I pricked it all over with a skewer and then poured the lemon drizzle all over while still in the pan. I then left the cake to cool before turning it out.

If you wish you can make an icing for this cake using 1 tbs of lemon juice with 50g icing sugar.

As you can see, the Little Man really enjoyed his slice of cake, as did the rest of the family who are not so happy to be photographed stuffng their faces with cake.

 Now it's your turn, please come and share your recipes that you have made with your kids help and link up to my linky. 

I'd also be mighty grateful if you included my badge in your post so others can see it and come along and join in.

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  1. woo hoo indeed! I was so pleased to see kids in the kitchen back because i knew it meant that star was beginning to be on the mend. Lemon drizzle cake is one of my favourites too. Your cake has turned out beautifully and as always your little man looks so adorable in those photos. Good luck with the Bahlsen bake off - such a great challenge you got involved with there. I've just posted a recipe with Miss T helping me make Ciabatta so will get the badge added and link that up. xxx

  2. Thank you, it's good to be back :) Yes, Star is on the mend, she's doing really well xx

  3. Oh it looks fun and the cake, so especial :)


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