Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Kids in the Kitchen - Toasted Sandwiches

Hello and welcome to this weeks Kids in the Kitchen, the linky where we can all share our adventures in the kitchen with the kids. This week we did something simple and made Toasted Sandwiches, more about that later.

Each week I like to say thank you to those that linked up the previous week.

Over on Autism Mummy, little D helped to make Mrs E's Bran loaf, I really have to give this a try, what a great way of getting some extra fibre in your diet.

On Fun For Families even the lego helped out in the kitchen and they made some Awesome Almond Cookies.

Our regular little chef, The Beautiful Miss T from The Beesley Buzz (just take a look at the first photo, adorable) made some tasty looking Panko Chicken Nuggets.

Thank you for linking up everyone, I hope some more decide to join us this week, it's so inspirational sharing our recipes and enjoying the help (and I use that word lightly, lol) from our kids in the kitchen.

Toasted Sandwiches.

We had a really, really busy weekend. First I had a new car, picked it up first thing Saturday morning so of course we wanted to go out...but we also had a birthday party for Boo on the same day. So the trip out had to wait until Sunday, which meant not much time to spend with the kids in the kitchen, although I did have a little help with eating all the party food!
So yesterday the Little Man was the first to volunteer to make lunch for us all. I picked something nice and simple and we all had toasted sandwiches. 
I remember when sandwich toasters first came out and my friend's family had one. I swore that I would have one in my home and I would use it every day! Well, ours is pretty old, and to be honest it doesn't get used that much, but it's a nice change from a regular sandwich and you can use your imagination when it comes to fillings.
We chose just cheese for the littlies and bacon and scrambled egg for the grown-ups.

The little man helped make the sandwiches. We don't always put butter on cheese toasted sandwiches but I think butter spreading is a useful skill to learn, so I had the Little Man buttering the bread first then assembling the cheese before I put their sandwiches in the toaster. I cooked the bacon and eggs and then let the Little Man assemble our sandwiches. Do you put butter on bacon sandwiches? I always find this strange for some reason, but I know some people do.

While the sandwiches were cooking, the Little Man decided it was time for a glass of milk.

Then we all tucked into toasted sandwiches, thank you Little Man.

As you see, Kids in the Kitchen doesn't have to be about complicated recipes, it's more about getting the kids in the kitchen helping out. Of course it's also nice to share recipes and gain inspiration, but I'm happy for all sorts of posts to be linked up.

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  1. Well done your Little Man, we haven't made toasted sandwiches for ages. They were definitely a "must have" when they first came out but it's been a bit neglected.
    T loves his toast so will have to dig it out.
    Thanks for the mention. Hubbie loves butter on his bacon sardines but I don't on mine as feel it's greasy enough already.

  2. My mum used to have one of those sandwich toasters that presses them into shapes but she bought it second hand and it always looked a bit yucky so we didn't use it often. we got a panini press a few years ago and that have proved to be a good investment as we have phases of using it all the time and then it goes in the cupboard for a while but then comes out again for another burst of time. The kids used to love having mozarella, pesto and tomato paninis when we were homeschooling - Seeing your post just reminded me of that happy memory! xxx


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