Monday, 21 July 2014

School's Out for Summer

At last, school is over for this term and the summer holidays have begun. The Little Man starts school properly come September as he enters Reception class and goes to school full time. Boo is moving up into Year Three, not such a big wrench at her current school. Had she still been at her old school she would have been moving into another building as the school was split into infants and juniors (like it was when I was at school) Star is going to be in Year Five, but we don't have a school for her yet. I've already decided that she's not going back to her old school and it's been arranged that her home tutor will come back in September to continue her education until we find a school suitable for her. I haven't made up my mind yet because I don't know how disabled she is going to be once the halo is removed. Will it have worked this time, will she be able to hold her own head up? Will she be able to move her head? Are the plates and pins in her neck enough to keep her head on? I know that sounds weird but in laymen's terms it's the truth of the matter. Her ligaments are not strong enough to keep the bones in place, so it will be down to the plates and pins. We won't know anything until after the halo comes off.

Despite Star being home schooled her tutor decided that she still deserved an end of term party. So, Star worked out a menu and wrote a shopping list for what they would need. Then her tutor did the shopping and they set too making a lovely party lunch for us all. Star's choice of food was pizza, four different kinds which she made from scratch and remembered what each of her family members liked best. Garlic bread, spaghetti hoops (one of your five a day!) and chocolate cake.

The tutor also bought party plates, napkins and a table cover and a bag of sweets.

Lunch time came and we sat around our kitchen table at home along with her tutor and had an end of term party lunch. Star worked so hard on the party and thought about everyone making it a really special occasion. Not everyone was home at the time so we had to same some food for the other family members who were at school and work.

I was so proud of my Star.

Star with her pizzas ready to be cooked.

Stars End of Term Party

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  1. Aww! Of course she deserved an end of term party!! So sweet!! You have every reason to be proud x

  2. awww Anne what a fantastic idea, i am glad Star got to do something to celebrate the end of the school year! .. although i have to say with all that pizza i would have loved to come!

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments

    1. It was all her tutor's idea, she's really lovely. She came to see Lucy after her last operation and has asked to come and see her on her birthday next month.

  3. That's lovely that she also managed to have an end of year party. Looks like she did a great job with the pizzas.

  4. Well done Star - and the tutor sounds pretty good too ;) x

  5. Aw how cool - making pizza for everyone is awesome - that's it, you can put your feet up, you have your own home chef! :D

  6. Well done Star, the pizzas look fabulous! Here's to celebrating the end of term and hoping that you all make the most of the summer.

  7. Shes got a good tutor for suggesting this as Star deserves a party. She looks so proud in her pizza making too! What a nice post to read =) #magicmoments


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