Sunday, 17 August 2014

42 Days of Summer!

We have 17 days of the school holidays left here, so what have we been up to so far.
Summer for us means Birthdays! All three Littlies have two weeks or less between their birthdays and they are all in the summer holidays. So we spend a lot of time partying!

First up it's Boo, who this year turned seven. We had a Frozen party with snow and snowball fights, we even had snowball bowling. All this on the hottest day of the year! I made her a Frozen Cake and we hosted the party at home in our house and garden.

BN Biscuits make a perfect addition to the party food table. The kids loved both the chocolate and the raspberry flavours. I love the combination of the crispy biscuit with the creamy filling and the smiles and winks on each biscuit are so cute.

Then it was the Little Man's Birthday. He had a few friends around for a little party and loved his Paw Patrol Cake I made him.

Next Up it's Star's Birthday, just a few days after her operation (she's off to hospital tomorrow) We will still be celebrating and have booked a family party in Pizza Hut. I have to somehow fit in time to make her a Pokemon Cake.

It's not all been partying though, we have filled the summer days with other activities too. 
We went to a lovely BBQ hosted by our local church.

We had a meet up with some other bloggers and their children at a City Centre Park.

Then Last week we had fun day out at an Adventure Farm

So despite Star not being well we have had a summer of partying and fun, making the most of every day. 

My tips for making it happily through the Summer Holidays are:

  • Make the most of the sunshine and get out as often as you can, even if it's just the garden.
  • Try Something new to alleviate boredom, maybe find some local activities your children in with. In our area there were some circus classes, we couldn't take part because of Star but they looked like lots of fun and they were free.
  • Find somewhere new to go. We'd not been the City Centre Park before and were surprised at how much fun it was.
  • When the weather is bad you can go to the cinema or visit a museum. There is always something aimed at children going on.
  • You can still have fun if you are stuck at home, get out the board games, or do some arts and crafts. You could even get the kids cooking and join up with my Kids in the Kitchen Linky, or just check it out for inspiration :)

Happy Summer Everyone!

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  1. Summer means birthdays here too and you've reminded me that I really need to make a start! My daughters are going to be 20 this year and would love the awesome Frozen cake, they also love BN biscuits!
    Here's to making the most of the last 17 days of the summer holiday x

    1. It's all going way too quickly for me, I love having the kids home x

  2. Those cakes look awesome. Great tips for summer fun too. X

  3. Great tips and looks like you have had a lovely Summer full of memory-making so far. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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