Monday, 29 June 2015

I Did It!

Yesterday I took a walk in the park. A 5k walk to raise money to beat cancer!
When I woke it it was piddling down with rain. My heart sank. I was looking forward to the walk but imagine how awful it was going to be doing it dripping soaking wet! I didn't even know if it would be feasible to take an umbrella?

The rain continued while I got ready and we all climbed in the car. It continued all the way to the park. Then as we arrived it stopped! 

I've not done the Race for Life before, I didn't really know what to expect. I arrived in my pink t-shirt with my number attached to my front and my name banner on my back. I also had my 'beautiful' fake tattoos applied.

First came the warm up. We were entertained on the stage by singers, radio DJs from Heart fm and a zumba lady. People got up to tell us of their stories of cancer, good and bad. We listened, we danced, we got in the mood. There was also pink smoke but I didn't get a photo as I was having a last minute...well, you don't really need to know....

Then it was time to queue up ready for the off! The runners first followed by the walkers. There were lots of both.

The race was started by the Little Man's school friend aged five. He was diagnosed with cancer at two years and has had a kidney removed. He is now in remission.

 Then the walk began and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. I did ache a little, funnily enough it was my right hip and my left ankle that hurt the most so I kind of balanced out. Thankfully my feet did not hurt at all, although they were throbbing a little by bedtime.

It was the best feeling ever crossing that finish line!

If you are thinking of doing the Race for Life, or are doing it but have never done it before, here are a few things I've learnt from my experience.

  • It's ok to do it alone, whether a runner or a walker there are lots of others doing it alone too.
  • It's ok to take an umbrella, probably not if you are running, but there were lots of walkers carrying them although it didn't rain again. 
  • Remember your water, it's very thirsty work.
  • You can wear headphones with your music on, but the atmosphere is great and I feel you'd be missing out on a lot.
  • A lot of walkers had little bags, phones and basically anything that you would take on a walk in the park. I felt a little empty handed but I'd just come to walk.
  • You don't have to take anyone with you but it's really nice to see a friendly face as you approach the finish line.
  • Finally, the obvious things...make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and trainers. I heard so many people complaining on the way around that they were too hot or their trainers were rubbing their feet. 

Thank you to everyone who donated for my walk.
I'm so proud to be a member of the #Pink Army

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  1. Well done you! It is such a great cause! :D x

  2. Absolutely brilliant. Congratulations - a brilliant cause and looks like an amazing day.

  3. Well done you!! I keep meaning to try the park run here but 5K seems such a long way to run lol! I've walked a marathon.... but running is another matter!!

  4. Well done, great achievement. I've heard lots of people say the atmosphere is incredible.

  5. Well done. I love doing Race for Life. Such a good cause x

  6. Well done hun, such a great cause and the atmosphere is meant to be amazing x

  7. Well done! Such an amazing cause and they always look like such fun events as well. x

  8. Very well done to you! And for such a good cause too xx

  9. Well done, what a hands on way to help beat the monster that cancer is! I was glad to read the rain stayed away and you got to enjoy your first experience of the Race For Life without getting soaked!xx

  10. Well done for completing the race for life

  11. Well done on making it around the course and raising money for cancer research.

  12. Well done lovely, it looks like you had fun doing it! xx

  13. Well done to you! And for such a good cause too xx

  14. woo hoo! Well done Anne! great news about the rain stopping. x

  15. Well done you!! Every year I do think about doing this - your tips are great, thank you. Kaz x


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