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My Television Dad Awards

Have you noticed how TV Dad's get a raw deal? They are often portrayed as stupid, the butt of everyone's jokes in the sitcoms. In the soaps they are usually the bad guy. Even in cartoons the Dads are not treated much better. Take Daddy Pig for instance, he's overweight and grumpy and can't even hang a picture properly.

So bearing this in mind I'm going to choose five of my favourite TV Dads to share with you, and lets see if we can find some good qualities in them and present them with a best Dad Award.

My Hero - George Sunday

This Dad was actually a superhero, Thermoman, from the planet Ultron. He lived on earth under the guise of loveable George Sunday with his wife Janet and two children Cassie and Ollie.  George was a really nice guy but he often had trouble understanding humans and their earthly customs creating some funny moments. The character flips from being Thermoman, here to save the world, to a normal family figure. His children also have superpowers and can talk from when they are born. 
So, although he messes up a lot, it's not because he's a bad person, it's because he is an alien superhero.

I present George Sunday with the Award for Best Superhero Dad 

Image source TVtropes

The Simpsons - Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders is the neighbour of The Simpsons. He is friendly and compassionate and considered a pillar of the community. Ned was married to Maude who died in a freak accident. They had two sons Rodd and Todd, that Ned is left to care for. A devout Christian Ned Flanders is a truly nice guy who would do anything to help anyone, even donate his kidney.

Ned did once get drunk in Vegas with his neighbour Homer and end up marrying Ginger who later came to live with him. She left when she got sick of his sickly sweet personality.

So Ned's only fault is that he is too 'darn diddly sweet'

I present  Ned Flanders with the Award for Best Single Parent Dad 
Image source Simpsonswiki

Angel -Angel

Ok, I'm going out on limb here as this is a bit of a weird choice. However, I was a big Angel Fan and unbelievably, he did actually become a Dad to baby Connor.

Both Angel and Connor's mother were Vampires and shortly after his birth he was kidnapped and taken to another hell-like dimension. (I did mention weird)

In this dimension time went faster and the baby grew quickly. He was brought up by his father's nemesis and soon returned as a teenager to kill Angel.

Angel never wanted any harm to come to his son despite that he had returned more than a little crazy. To save him he arranged to have his son's memory wiped so he could go and live a normal life with a regular human family.

I present Angel with the award for Dad Who Made The Biggest Sacrifice

Image source Fanpop

My Family - Ben Harper

The Dad in this show was a dentist and a father of three. He was quite cynical and mistrusting of people and was bossed around by his wife and fleeced for money by his children. Altogether they are displayed as a dysfunctional family but really they often all work together to get each other out of trouble. 

So, although Ben Harper would not really win any Dad of the year awards, he was always there for his kids, even if it was just to hand out the cash!

I present Ben Harper with the Award for Best Sardonic Dad.
image source The Jitty

The Royle Family - Jim Royle

The Royle family appear to spend their lives on the settee in front of the television. Jim Royle is lazy, ill-tempered and rude. He constantly rants at the television and his family and expects everyone to do everything for him. On occasions though, he shows a much more compassionate side, especially when his family are in trouble. The only time I really liked him as a Dad was in the Christmas special episode where his daughter Denise went into labour unexpectedly early and he was the only person home. He sat with her in the bathroom and comforted her until help arrived. He showed true compassion for a short while he remembered the time when she was born. 

The Royle family are a regular family, nothing special, nothing strange, just portraying their every day life normal life.

I am presenting Jim Royle with the Award for Most Normal Dad

There you have it, my favourite Television Dads and the awards I would present to them. Do you remember them? Who would you choose as your favourite TV Dad?

This is my entry into the CurrysPCWorld #TopTVDads competition to win a Samsung SUHD TV.


  1. What great choices....I actually forgot that Angel was a dad! I loved that show x

    1. My (grown-up) daughter accused me of being a 'fangirl' when she heard I was including Angel. I guess I am, I really miss the show and just can't watch David Boreanez in anything else.

  2. Oh I remember Thermoman!

    I never realised Angel became a dad as I stopped watching....will have to try to catch
    up with it all

  3. What a great idea and I loved Thermoman and Angel!

  4. I've never watched Angel, I think I need too! Love Ned Flanders :)

  5. Not a big fan of comedy but Thermoman was funny. Great idea for a Father's Day post!

  6. I watched Angel and loved that show he was so cool!

  7. Haha I was thinking about this is the other day and George Sunday would have definitely been in my list as well and who doesn't love Angel. x

  8. Oh now there are some good choices right there, Ned Flanders lol x

  9. A great tribute to dads I love all your choices.

  10. What a great round up - good luck in the competition x

  11. I used to love My Hero! I never watched Angel far enough to see him become a dad though

  12. I've never actually realised that Dads are so often portrayed this way! Great round up

  13. Great choices - I loved Angel and he is a dad again in Bones too!

    1. I tried to watch Bones, I really did, but it just wasn't Angel

  14. Good luck in the competition! I loved My Hero - George Sunday was brilliant!

  15. Good luck in the competition., I have no idea who would win my tV dad of the year

  16. Del trotter: "this time next year, we will be millionaires." X

  17. is ti really bad that I've not watched most of these programs? lol Michx

  18. Ned Flanders is always the misunderstood character. I would go with him if I was to choose.xx

  19. Great post even though I don't know who most of them are. Kaz x

  20. It's got to be Ben Harper! Loved that show... and he's pretty hot too ;)


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