Monday, 30 November 2015

Dear Santa

Dear Santer,
I relly like Chrismas and it's my favoriot time of the year and I was thinking about that if your relly real send me a letter please and put your name on the letter so I know YOUR real. I do belive in you still but is it true that when people don't belive in you they get stupid presents and they get unapropret stuff. If this is true put true, but if not put false if the other one. I gave you the thing you needed to do. I hope you have a happy chrismas Santer and I will give you the best mint pie, drink and the best carrots because I like your raindeers,
yours senserly,
Boo :)

This is my 8 year old daughter's letter to Santa, completely unedited. Do you think he will read it? I wonder what he will reply. The inappropriate stuff she is talking about comes from a conversation we were having, if you don't believe in Santa, you only get socks for Christmas. I guess she thinks socks are inappropriate, so I best not get her any, I wonder if pyjamas are ok?

She also wrote a list for the big man;

This is the stuff I want Santer
A pair of Warlky Talky
new teddy
pokemon deck zapdoze
Another Santer book
a little toy
a Teksta puppy and
Teksta dinosaur
Bye, and who wrote this list is Boo :)

Nothing on that list is anything she has asked for previously, and as you can imagine, with five children I have most of my Christmas shopping sorted. As her big brother pointed out, the Santa list is not for Mummy though, it's for Santa. I may be able to provide a few of the things on the list, apart from the last two items there is nothing really expensive on there after all. 

Next we have to work on some Christmas spelling :)

Christmas (with a T in the middle)
Santa, not Santer
Reindeer (although she was pretty close)
and I'm pretty sure Santa will prefer Mince pies to Mint pies ;)

Merry Christmas Boo, may all your wishes come true xxx


  1. I absolutely love this! All the spellings and everything. I think it's just perfect as it is :-D

    1. I think she's going to be thrilled to get her first Elf letter from the North Pole tomorrow :)

  2. this is just so cute! I love the idea of mint pies - you should get her to bake some for him! At least there is still time for Santa to get some of those things organised - unlike the time D asked for something late on Christmas eve which he had not mentioned at all before then! Some new toy craze which i didnt even know what it was, let alone be able to arrange santa to get for the very next day!!! I think it was last year that D left Santa a whole questionnaire to complete with about a dozen questions. Hope that doesn't happen again this year as it took Santa quite a long time to reply. x

    1. Poor Santa, he really has his work cut out doesn't he! x I guess we could make mint pies, mmmm thinking up recipes now.


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