Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Sunday Photo 24th January

I guess with all my recent posts about my illness I had to choose this photo this Sunday. It's me in hospital on the ward all alone as beds 8 and 9 had gone for surgery and bed 11 was unoccupied for ten minutes. This was my home for twelve days, the longest I've ever spent in hospital. 


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  1. Aww hope it wasn't too painful spending that length of time in hospital? The longest I've been in was when I had an emergency c-section with my son (5 days) and I couldn't wait to get home *hugs*

  2. I hope you're on the mend now. I hated staying in hospital and have only ever done overnight stays after having my boys - my mother in law was in hospital for 10 weeks after a car crash and she was climbing the walls to get home. Having said that the food doesn't look too bad from this angle x

  3. Oh no, I hope are on the mend now

    Thank you for linking up


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