Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Creating a Book of Memories

I've kept a diary for many years. I've also kept journals, pregnancy diaries and baby diaries.
I've kept them in notebooks, pre-printed books and even online. I guess you could say I like to record things.

I love that I have this selection of memories at hand. It's wonderful to look back on the things that have happened from the joyful to the mundane, from holidays to a trip to the cinema. And also the sad memories, they all have a place.

I can look back to when my older children were born and their school days and compare them to my younger children.

I can look back to times when my family were still together and my mum and nan were still around.

The complete account of my days of trying to conceive Star after a 16 year gap and secondary infertility still makes me cry when I get to the part of a positive pregnancy test.

You can keep memories in your head or you can write them down. If you write them down they are more permanent, more accurate and can be shared with others (if you wish, I do still have 'private stuff')

Earlier this week I was thinking of how fragile life can be. This year I've lost a relative and spent time in hospital with a life changing illness. I thought of all these memories of mine and how my children will perceive them.

Then I had an idea. I was going to write a new journal especially for my younger children. This one is going to be filled to the brim with all the happy memories, accounts of all we do together big or small. I want to record it all.

First up I needed a notebook, I couldn't wait to buy one so I mooched around and found this one.

I made it last year at a crafting session with some bloggers. It's actually covered with window blind material. It's not the best, but I made it myself so it's perfect for recording my happy memories.

I've started already by listing all the fun things we did last summer. Thankfully I'd already noted everything in the back of another journal. I will continue to use it, noting everything down and making it something my children will love to read when they grow up. I'll include special little messages for them along the way.

When it's all filled I may just go and get one from Paperchase, I love their notebooks.
Image courtesy of Paperchase

This lovely elephant one would be perfect.
While I was browsing I saw this one
Image courtesy of Paperchase

This would be perfect for my blogging notes...look at my blog background ;)

Well if any of my family are reading, it's Mothers Day soon, hint hint!

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  1. This is a gorgeous idea, Anne, I do love it. I write a birthday book for each of my kids, a little letter to them detailing what they did on their birthday and a look back over the year - I write it after they've gone to bed on their birthdays. I hope they'll enjoy them, and I have no doubt your kids will love you doing this. I hope that hint is taken too! Thanks very much for sharing with #Paperypeep x

    1. A birthday book is a lovely idea. I did have baby diaries with spaces to record birthdays but you tend to put them away and forget once the baby days are over. I'll be sure to record their birthday celebrations from now on.

  2. It's a great idea and something I'm sure they'll treasure. I have a book where I write momentous (and sometimes not so momentous) things in with their year so I can remember when they actually took place. And love your homemade notebook, it's beautiful and just perfect #paperypeep

    1. Thank you, I'd not covered a book since school days and that was a very long time ago.


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