Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Sunday Photo - 1st May 2016


Each morning since early February I have been taking a photo of the trees at the end of my garden. I wanted to record them change from their bare Wintery branches to the lush green of Spring. I've not had much joy from them yet, they are still pretty bare. This photo about was taken a month ago on 30th March. It's one of my favourites because it's the first time I caught a bird in the trees.

The trees have not changed much over time, although I'm seeing some blossom now, but what has changed on an almost daily basis is the sky.

This next one was taken on April 2nd.


 Look how moody that sky is.

The photos are all taken around the same time in the morning with no filters or editing. This one is almost black and white. I can still make out the blossom and I know there are many more birds there now, they wake me in the morning.

Here's yesterday's snap, just to cheer things up.


You can see the blossom now and there are a couple of birds in flight although very difficult to spot. (Can you see them?) I think spring is on the way, but I'm getting impatient.

We also have a couple of owls in the trees, you can hear them hooting to each other. In the warmer weather we get bats coming into our garden in the evening. They come right up to our patio doors, but won't approach if we are outside. I'd love to get a photo of them, but they are so quick. Until we had our neighbourhood bats I hadn't realised how cute they are.

You probably think I'm a bit nuts obsessing over the trees this way, can you tell I don't get out much!



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