Sunday, 24 April 2016

My Sunday Photo April 24th 2016

I managed to get out this week! Some friends took us out shopping and for a lunch time meal. We visited a new shopping complex near home and I managed to get a few more bits for our holiday in a few weeks time. (I can't wait!)
For our meal we visited a Wetherspoons which was really nice and spacious so I felt so comfortable in my wheelchair. It's one of those things I'm getting used to now...will my chair fit? Will I be in people's way? I've always been the type of person to worry about what other people think, even if it does annoy my other half.

Anyway, I didn't feel obliged to take any photos of my food, I wasn't reviewing the place, so I had a nice relaxed lunch with friends. If you are interested I had a chicken breast burger! 

I wasn't going to take any photos at all but then the other half pointed out these sharks floating above our heads and I couldn't resist. You could get a closer look at them if you went up the stairs. Not an option for me, so here you have them, a little cropped to cut out the stairs and brightened up a little but otherwise untouched. 

This week I also had some exciting news when I found out that I'd reached the finals of the MAD Blog awards in the Schooldays category. Don't forget to do your voting, every finalist is counting on you. 
You can find the list of finalists here: MADs Finalists
You can vote for your favourites here: MADs Vote


MAD Blog Awards 2016


  1. Those sharks are very cool. Can't understand why you didn't Instagram every moment though ;-)

    Congrats on the nomination! Have voted, so fingers crossed for you...

  2. They are awesome, massive congratulations on being a finalist

    Thank you for linking up

  3. They are great ceiling decorations - really different and effective. Congratulations on making the finals :) x #MySundayPhoto

  4. Oh wow! They are fantastic decorations.
    I'm glad you're getting out and about!
    Well done and congrats on making the finals! I'm so pleased for you x

  5. Love those sharks! Congratulations on making the finals of the MADs :-)

  6. I love the make. Its like they took some rubbish metal and created something fierce! #mysundayphoto


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