Monday, 18 April 2016

Our Meal Plan for This Week

Do you write a meal plan each week. I do, I have to plan everything. I've got seven mouths to feed and the plan is generally done on a Sunday when I do my online shop. I can't believe I actually miss going to the supermarket but with no car and legs that can't walk more than a couple of metres then it's obviously not a choice I have at the moment.

I have a list of all the meals we enjoy and try to add something new most weeks. The new meal is not always a hit, but when it is it goes onto our long list. Then I rotate the meals so that we are not eating the same things week in week out. I've not shared my meal plan before but as I keep watching out for others who do this every week I thought I'd have a go. I may give up after my rotation of meals has finished, especially if my new meals flop.

I have two fussy eaters so my menu has to take them into consideration, but occasionally they will end up having something different to the rest of the family.

Here is this weeks menu:

  • Monday - Pizza, we all have different tastes so I often just buy bases and we add our favourite toppings. The kids love pizza night and getting involved in the cooking.
  • Tuesday - Indian Mix Up - we take a selection of Indian foods, like samosas and bahji, and serve them with a potato curry, rice, chapatis and popadoms. Basically we serve it up as a pick and mix
  • Wednesday - Quiche and salad. again we all like different quiches so we make our own to suit, current favourites are quiche lorraine, salmon and leek and spinach and goats cheese.
  • Thursday - Spaghetti bolognese, the kids have spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Friday - Fish and chips. The other half doesn't eat fish so he has faggots. Mushy peas are a must.
  • Saturday - Golden Curry, this is a chinese style curry with chicken, carrots and potatoes and steamed rice.
  • Sunday - Lamb steaks with pear and cider, hassleback potatoes and asparagus. (This is our new meal for the week, my compromise as the older kids are fed up of Sunday Roasts.)

So there you have it. I generally stick to it but if I have to do something different it's usually a pasta bake or sausage and mash.


  1. lamb steaks in cider and pear sounds fab Ann

  2. Great meal plan!
    I like the sound of the Indian Mix Up. What great fun and the Lamb steaks sound delicious x

  3. I love meal planning, it helps to keep me sane and my food costs down! Sounds like a great week, I hope you all enjoyed your pizzas x

  4. What a great variety, and I love that many of your meals are customizable to each person's tastes. We eat like that around here a lot, with my picky grown-up kids. Love the two different curries you are serving!


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