Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Sunday Photo - 8th May 2016

This week I had an appointment with my physio therapist at the hospital. I've a new therapist and she's really lovely, much more understanding than the last one and I've a feeling I'm going to do well under her care. For starters she will be seeing me weekly instead of monthly from now on.

I'll post more about that later, my photo(s) this week are what happened after my appointment. We were given a leaflet on leaving the hospital about the International Dance Festival. While waiting for the bus I discovered that there was a performance outside the hospital just five minutes away. So I persuaded my Other Half to take me over. (It's not really his 'thing' so he took some persuading) It was such a lovely sunny day I couldn't think of anything nicer than watching an outdoor performance before going back to my prison  home.

The dance was called Phone Box and I think that's easy to see why. The performance was really good, not just dancing, it told a story from beginning to end. It was also pretty funny, so all in all very enjoyable. Now, I'm sorry the photos are not brilliant but I took them with my phone and we were outside so I couldn't see the screen properly. Not only that, but I was busy watching the performance so my phone was perched on my lap and I just pressed the camera button every so often. I think I caught some good action shots though.

If you are in Birmingham between now and 21st May you can read up on what is going on for the festival on the website or on Twitter @IDFB


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