Thursday, 26 May 2016

Word of the Week - Kindness

This week I'm thinking about kindness. It's such a wonderful thing, if you are kind to someone they feel good and you feel good, it's a win win situation.

Someone was really kind to me today and it made me feel good, so I decided to do something kind for others and I put a post on a Facebook group offering my help to anyone who needed it. Pretty soon I had a reply by e-mail and now I'm working on helping this lady promote her jewellery. I feel really good to be able to do something for her. It's good feelings all around.

Earlier this year, when I first came out of hospital I was looking for a wheelchair so I could get out of my house. The hospital couldn't provide one because I wasn't on their list of conditions. I tried the Red Cross but their deposit was more than I could afford, and twice as much as a second hand wheelchair on Ebay. So, just out of interest, and maybe a little desperation, I put a status on my personal Facebook page asking if anyone had a spare wheelchair they could loan me. I was surprised when someone said they could help. They put me in touch with someone else and they not only loaned their wheelchair to me but brought it to me as well. They were absolutely delighted that they could help me. Their kindness was well received as now I had my freedom back and  I could leave the house. The joy I felt at being able to join my other half on the school run that afternoon was immense.

Kindness is always a good value to have in your life. Showing kindness is a real feel good thing. Receiving another persons kindness is wonderful. It creates ripples that spread afar, lots of paying it forward and feeling good. I vow to have much more kindness in my life, will you join me?

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