Saturday, 11 June 2016

My Sunday Photo 12th June 2016

The last time The Little Man visited the beach was three years ago when he was only two years old. He didn't remember it so he was really excited when we went away to Blackpool at half term.
It was so good to get away and we all had a lovely time. I just hope we don't leave it so long before we get to go to the beach again. The Little Man doesn't have to wait so long though, he's off to Weston-Super-Mare with his school on Tuesday. That's if he behaves himself at school tomorrow, he's currently in their bad books, naughty boy.

I find it so hard to believe he's naughty at school, while we were away he was the most well behaved of my three children. In fact he's nearly always well behaved at home. So why is he naughty at school? He told his teacher it was because he misses me...awww! I'm pretty sure that's just an excuse though. Even if he is a mummy's boy.

Be good Little Man and you will get to go to the beach again x


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