Friday, 17 June 2016

Pain - My Word of the Week

Two weeks ago we went on holiday and it was lovely. We were out every day and had loads of fun. Now two weeks later I think I'm still paying for it with the pain.

On my help forum other TM sufferers always talk about how having one day of fun means having to put up with two days of pain afterwards. Well, I think having one week of fun has meant me having two weeks of pain.

We stayed in a caravan which was nice, I loved being in a small place, I could walk around the caravan with ease, there was always something to hold on to. The walls were close so it was almost impossible to fall. In our bedroom there was such a small gap between the wall and the bed I could walk along the wall to get to where I wanted to sit on the bed. At home I have this terrifying walk of around six steps of just floor to get to my bed. (OK, I still have a zimmer frame in my bedroom so it's not that terrifying, but it would be without the frame.)

There were steps into the caravan, but with a bar to hold on to and my other half to help I managed them ok. We couldn't have an adapted caravan because they are too small for all of us. This also meant that my poor other half had to life my wheelchair up into the caravan every night too. Thankfully we had no rain all week so it was ok to leave it outside during the day.

When we got home I felt exhausted but I was sure it would pass. I didn't really do much at all last week. I went out in my wheelchair only once.
This week I thought I would be feeling better but if anything I've felt worse. I had to go out twice on Tuesday but other than that I've been stuck indoors, I really don't mind when it's raining.

I've tried eating healthily and early nights, but nothing has helped. I'm just a wreck and the pain has been unbearable at times. It's not just my TM, I've had other issues as well. It's not been much fun at all and I'm sure my Other Half is getting pretty fed up of me now. (Not that I complain much.)

I'm seeing my GP on Monday to talk about my medication. One I'm supposed to be taking twice as much as I am but the GP keeps writing me a prescription for less, so I need to sort that out.

I thought I was getting used to being in pain every day, it's been so long since I had a pain free day. When it gets worse though, I just don't know how to cope, well other than read a book or watch football to take my mind off it!

Fingers tightly crossed that next week will be a better week. Maybe not too tightly crossed though, they are hurting after all.

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