Saturday, 2 July 2016

My Sunday Photo -3rd July 2016

This week I'm going back in time. Probably about 1975, look at that decor! This was my childhood living room and we had our cousins come to visit. I'm sitting in the middle with my little brother on my lap. The reason I have chosen this is so you can see how wonderful our wallpaper was in the 70s, and those curtains were nylon and would give you a static shock if you only had your socks on when you touched them!!

Actually this was a pivotal time in my life. It was the year after my Dad had passed away on his way to work and my nan and my cousin (The one on the left) had come to live with us. Everything went a little crazy in the next few years it was a difficult time for us all.


Sunday Snap

New In

New In
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