Friday, 19 August 2016

Word of the Week - Planning

Last week we got the date for our wedding, which is only just over three months away!

Wedding Countdown Ticker

So this week we have started planning, there is so much to do.
So much I didn't really think about before!

We went shopping to get some inspiration as we've not picked a theme yet. We came back with a cake topper and cake separaters. I'm not making my own cake,  I've made a wedding cake before, but it's far too much work for me now that my health is not good. So I'm buying three plain white cakes and decorating them myself. 

I also ordered a few dresses online to try on at home. I couldn't manage trying them on in a shop, I get exhausted getting dressed. One didn't fit at all (even though they were all the same size,) one I loved and fitted lovely, but the last one I tried on I loved even more! So I've found my dress.

I decided to do the same for the girl's dresses, it's less stressful trying on at home. Boo has her dress but we will have to try again with Star, she's not yet 11 years old but even the 13 yr dresses I sent for didn't fit her. It's a good job all these things can be returned.

We wrote down our list of people we wanted to invite individually and then compared. Then we started all over again whittling the list down. We have already decided it will not be a huge gathering but it's so hard to choose who to include and who not too. We decided that it would have to be close family and friends that we are still in touch with regularly. So that's those we see frequently or speak to frequently on the phone or internet. There are so many friends and relatives we don't see a lot of. Most of my family I only see at funerals.

Then when we had a rough idea of how many people were coming we started looking for venues to accommodate them. The plan is late wedding at registry office with just a few close family members, then a reception party on the evening. There will be no wedding breakfast, we don't have the time or money for that. The wedding is late November and nearly all the venues we tried are already booked up with Christmas parties. You have to get in early to book for Christmas, probably January is a good idea. 

Finally we were down to three venues, one is close but only holds 70 people, we said small, but maybe a few more than that. The next venue is upstairs in a gorgeous listed building pub. This venue holds 120 people but you have to have their pub food for the buffet and it's pretty expensive. We have a preliminary booking there just in case. The third venue is the one we are going to view first, it's all ground level (a big bonus when you are a wheelchair user,) holds 100 people, and offers a reasonably priced buffet. 

I think I've become very excited about it all now. I did want to get married but I thought I wanted a quick run to the registry office, sign the papers, deed done sort of wedding. I'm glad I've changed my mind, even if I come to regret it later with the stress. The Other Half has become very useful at helping with the planning although he tends to get a bit carried away, I believe we might end up with three DJs and three photographers if I don't keep him in check, haha. 

Thanks for reading my ramblings, getting to the point, my word this week has to be planning!

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