Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Sunday Photo 18th September 2016

I hadn't prepared a photo for today and I was going to leave it this week as I don't have the energy to even think straight at the moment. Then while looking through my photos this week I saw this one I took the other morning when it was particularly foggy.

These are the trees at the bottom of my garden. They are not my trees, they line the canal and have been here for many years. I've shared them before at the beginning of Spring. Now you can see them fully clothed in green before they start changing again.

I had to share this foggy photo because it's exactly how I feel today. I had a fabulous night at the Mad Blog Awards on Friday, but with all the travelling to London and back and the night out I'm completely pooped! And my brain is covered in a thick fog just like these trees. I had an early night last night but I know it will take a while to recover, for the fog to lift and for me to feel okay again.

Also like these trees I'm feeling as though I am approaching the Autumn of my life and that there are many changes I have to face. A whole new journey ahead, I may be foggy but it's quite exciting too.

Once again I'm joining up with the lovely Darren from Photalife who I met again on Friday and I didn't recognise straight away...sorry Darren. You know that moment when you see someone and you know you've met them before but it take a little while to sink Just me then and my foggy brain.


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