Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Sunday Photo 25th September 2016

I took this photo on Friday while having a coffee outside the hospital. It's such an huge hospital, and pretty new as it was first opened in 2010. The old hospital is still used and you can get to it from the corridor leading out of this part of the building, the white corridor on pillars to the right of the photo. It's much nicer to just walk over the ground though. 

This is just off the main entrance, the A&E entrance is around the other side of the building. The whole hospital is based on a round theme and had three huge circles as you can see by this pic. which is not one of mine.

It's so large you can see it for miles. In fact you could see it from our back garden before we moved house. Behind this building is the Maternity hospital which is the only place I ever spent any time before this year. In fact the last time I stayed at the Maternity hospital was just two months after this hospital opened.

This week I've been here three times. The first with my eldest daughter after her sewing machine accident. Then on Friday for my physio therapy session. Finally yesterday morning to pick my eldest up after she had a check up to see how her recovery from surgery last month was going. 

In January I was confined in the first round building. They are called doughnuts because this is only half of the circle and there is a big gap in the middle. I didn't get one of the better views that I know must be on offer. In fact all I could see from my window was more hospital. Lucky me! 


Sunday Snap
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