Thursday, 13 October 2016

Lazy - Word of the Week

photo of a lazy cat lying on his back

What a cute cat, it's not one of mine, I found the photo on Unsplash which is a fantastic source for free photos. I use them all the time.

So my word of the week is lazy. Last Friday my daughter, Star, was sent home from school poorly. We took her to the out of hours surgery on Saturday morning as she wasn't any better and she was diagnosed with a UTI. Poor girl, she really suffered. We didn't get much sleep with her over the weekend and she still wasn't well enough to go to school on Monday or Tuesday. This meant I didn't go anywhere. I didn't really want to. On Wednesday she was feeling a little better but worried about going to the toilet at school so we let her have one more day off. Another day at home for me too. On Thursday she did go back to school, a chance for me to go, I didn't feel like it. I do sometimes get in the mood where I really don't want to leave the house. I'm not sure why, I feel anxious about going out, particularly if I'm not feeling so good. The effort is just too much.

So, I've been home all week. Mostly nursing my little girl, we've spent a lot of time looking through magazines together and she's managed to do a lot of homework. I've spent a lot of time blogging, reading blogs, playing online games and usual blogging things. I've also been colouring in my new Terry Pratchett colouring book. I've not done much reading because I've been tired and I just fall asleep when I read.

I've done bits of housework here and there and kept up to date with the washing. I've also cooked dinner every day and washed up. I've done the girls hairs after their baths and showers. But really, I've not done much at all.

I'm trying to focus now on what I have achieved rather that what I haven't. I made a lot of new blogging friends online, I've done a lot of work on my own blog. I've done a lot of research for things for my wedding and I've purchased a lot of things online. My wedding shopping is almost complete now. I can't wait to see the faux fur jackets I've bought for me and my girls, it will be cold and our dresses are not very warm :) I may get some gloves too. It's getting colder already, how cold will it be the end of next month...eeek! I'm getting married next month.

I've also managed to  sort out my gas and electricity supplier as my contract ended.

So although I've been very lazy and barely moved from my chair, I've also been very busy and achieved a lot of things.

I do plan on leaving the house soon though.

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