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How To Find "Me Time" as a Mum

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As a busy mom, you probably feel like one of those circus performers who keeps 15 plates spinning on sticks all at once. While most days you are pretty good at making sure those plates stay in the air, every once in awhile you lose a plate or two. Unfortunately, if you don’t make time to take care of yourself, you might find more and more plates crashing to the ground.
While your kids certainly adore you, they are probably not going to remind you to go take a relaxing bubble bath or do something else that you enjoy on your own. But as Family Share notes, in order to be the best mom you can be, it is imperative to find those pockets of “me time” as often as you can. With that in mind, check out the following tips to make me time a reality:

Carving Out Time for Yourself

Me time as a mom does not have to involve escaping town for three days with two of your closest girlfriends. Of course, if you can swing this from time to time, by all means go for it. But in general, me time involves 10 to 20 minutes here and there that are devoted to you and what makes you feel relaxed, happy, rested and calm. With that in mind, start by looking at your schedule to see what can be eliminated; for example, as much as you love volunteering in your kids’ schools, maybe you can be there one hour a week instead of two. If your budget can accommodate it, consider hiring a housekeeper for a few hours every couple of weeks; this will free up housework time for something more fun. Also, jot down how often you spend wandering around on social media sites every day — you might be astonished to find out how much time you spend on Facebook, and how easy it would be to use some of those minutes for another activity. You can also take an honest look at when you are most energetic — if you are an early bird, you might get up a bit earlier to enjoy your me time before the cavalcade of children wakes up. Or, if you are always burning the midnight oil, you may love focusing on yourself for a while once everyone is in bed.

The Endless Possibilities of "Me Time"

Now that you have the reassurance and knowledge that you can actually find these precious pockets of time on most days, it’s time to think about how to spend it. One of the many beauties of me time is that there are no right or wrong ways to go about it. Parenting has a great list of me time suggestions; these include going to the movies with your BFF, heading to the mall for some serious window shopping, taking a nap, reading a book (one that does not feature lifting the flaps), going out for a bike ride, watching a favorite show on DVD or sitting in an easy chair and doing … nothing. It’s okay mom, you really do deserve it.

Try Yoga

You can of course spend your free time as you choose, but if you're looking for a healthy, fun and relaxing pastime, yoga covers all the bases. If you have always wanted to try yoga, you can certainly head to a local yoga studio and sign up for a class, but you can also learn and practice the breathing exercises and poses in the comfort of your own home — maybe during naptime. If you can, treat yourself to a new smartphone that features a Quad HD display — this way, those how to yoga videos on YouTube will be easy to see. The LG G4 features this state-of-the-art display, and if you get the phone as part of a plan with the company, you won’t have to pay a penny out of pocket. Following along with yoga videos online means you can enjoy convenience and complete control, which will come in handy in the event that you need to pause and unexpectedly attend to your children.

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