Friday, 2 December 2016

Married - Word of the Week

I missed Word of the Week last week as I was incredibly busy. In fact I missed a lot of things in the rush and excitement of getting married last weekend.

So my word of the week this represents my first week as married.

Things haven't changed that much, in fact I've spent most of the week recovering from the weekend. I'm now in the process of changing my name on everything, what a task! I even have to change the kid's birth certificates. 

It was such a wonderful day. I was really worried that I wouldn't make it through but I did and with a big smile on my face. My lovely Sister-in-law helped me and the kids to get ready and I really don't think I'd have made it without her. 

Everything went so well and I felt so very happy. I'm sure we have many happy years together to look forward to.

So, on to this's been fairly quiet as I've not been well. I caught a cold off my daughter Star and it's made all my other symptoms ten times worse. That's the problem when you have an auto-immune condition. Star has been pretty poorly too and didn't sleep very well for two days. Then we had her Melatonin prescription come through. This is the first time I've ever used anything medical to make my children sleep but after 11 years I think it was time. We are just trialling it for 30 days and I don't have great hopes as her problems are more in that she wakes really early and this drug just helps her to go to sleep quicker. 

We've nearly finished this week now so I'm hoping that with the illness out of the way next week will be back to normal. I hope so because it's going to be a busy one...I need to get things in order for Christmas, and we have lots of exciting things to do in the coming weeks which I will be sharing with you.

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