Saturday, 14 January 2017

My Sunday Photo - 15 January 2017

roborovski hamster

I know he's been featured before but this little fella brings me so much pleasure. Each day he will sit on my hand and let me stroke him. Actually, the stroking is quite new, he used to sit on my hand but if I tried to stroke him he'd run off like lightening. Lately, however he will let me stroke him, even though he's so tiny and I can only stroke him with one finger, or my thumb.

He's over a year old now and he's grown, I've not measured him but I'd say he was the size of my thumb, so about 6cm. His brother, who lives in another cage because he was pretty nasty and nearly killed Marty, is much bigger, I'd say at least 7cm. He's the big bully brother. I love Doc too and he also sits on my hand but I never get a photo of him because he's so fast. He grabs his food and is off hiding to stuff his cheeks. Marty is definitely the more sociable one.

However I'm feeling just a few minutes with my little pets make me feel much better.

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