Saturday, 21 January 2017

My Sunday Photo - 22nd January

trees in low sun

I have to admit I have a love of trees, They always look beautiful to me whether they are barren in winter, laden with snow, covered with blossom or simply green and wonderful. These trees are outside my kids school and it's a view I see regularly, although not so much now that my husband drives to pick the kids up.

Last Friday we were waiting outside for them and I just loved the way the low sun was shining through these familiar trees, like a sign of hope and blessing of better things to come. It seems like the days are over too quickly right now, with sun setting soon after the kids are home, but on Friday it also seemed that the sun was low all day. I'm not a hater of winter, but I do think that getting sunlight in your life is important and grey and dismal days fail to bring hope.

The trees at the bottom of my garden were covered in frost and hidden in the fog this morning. They still held a certain mystery and attraction for me. The other day there seemed to be a bit of a battle going on between the pigeons and magpies amongst their branches, Even in their bare state they are still full of life and activity. At night we have owls that serenade us and in the summer we get bats flying around at sunset.

I really do love trees.


Sunday Snap
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