Friday, 20 January 2017

Start Rite

Three years ago the Little Man was invited to walk the catwalk in a pair of Start Rite Shoes. You can see him here in this little video.

It's so hard to believe it's been three years already!

We have always been big fans of Start Rite shoes and I'd like to take a moment to tell you about their fabulous sale they have on right now.

That's right, up to 70% off!

How about these Spider Snow, Navy Blue Boots which have been reduced from £29 to just £15. I bet these will keep those little feet warm in the bad weather.

Or These gorgeous Gallop, Black Leather Girls Boots with the amazing reduction from £69 to just

Maybe it's a new pair of school shoes that's needed. These Rotate, Black Boys Riptape school shoes have been reduced from £42 to £12.50.

Or for girls, These Princess Serena, Black Leather shoes reduced from £47 to just £14.

Or for the toddlers in your life, I love these Soft Lily Purple leather rip tape boots now half price, reduced from £40 to £20.

And for the boys these Flexy-Soft Milan, Green Boys Riptape shoes at £15, reduced from £41.

Start rite also offer fitting guides to buy, you find all the detailed instruction on how to use them on the site. 

  • Start-rite have 220 years of experience and expertise.
  • Quality, durable and stylish fitted footwear.
  • Start-rite have a choice of shoes for every occasion!
  • Standard delivery is only £2.99 with free returns.
  • Start-rite are there for every step.

  • Thank you for reading my suggestions on these kids shoes, I hope you have found it interesting or useful. I have used affiliate links in my post so I will be rewarded for your click throughs but it will not make any difference to you, your choices or purchases. If you wish to visit the site without my credit then please just use this link.

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