Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cosford - Royal Air Force Museum

Last weekend Graham had a special birthday. I gave him lots of options of celebrating but his choice was to visit Cosford Aeroplane Museum. We've been there once before  a few years ago and he was itching to return. He's always loved aeroplanes, especially ones with history.

Cosford is located in Shropshire which is only about an hour away from us. You can get to it just off the M54. Admission is free! There are three hangers to explore filled with over 70 aircraft of importance. There is also an art gallery, a simulator ride and 4D experience. The kids favourite place was the Fun 'n' Flight area packed with fun and educational experiments based around the science of flight.

We picked a really nice day to visit which meant we could spend time looking at the aeroplanes outside as well as in the hangers.

The overall family favourite was the cold war exhibition, you can see Britains three V-bombers, the Vulcan, the Victor and the Valiant under one roof. There were also areas where you could watch film about the Cold War and the kids were captivated by the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I arrived in my wheelchair but they had motorised scooters available so I borrowed one. This meant that the husband could look around and do his own thing without pushing me around. The place was easy to get around too. Only one hanger was on two levels and there were lifts available.

I've made a little video of our day to show you, it would be lovely if you could give it like on You Tube where we'd love for you to join us.

We took many photos, so I've made some collages to share with you.

Country Kids
Twin Mummy and Daddy
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