Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Sunday Photo - 19th February 2017

I've not been out much this week, I've been home recovering from pneumonia. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better now though and today I should be out with my family visiting an aeroplane museum.

I had a lack of photos to show you, so, I've decided to go with something that has featured a lot this week of recovery, books! I managed to get myself a stack of lovely notebooks and I already have plans for them all. The kids also have new notebooks which they are filling with drawings and writing. They really do take after me.

We have also had some lovely books to review this week for the kids.

Last weekend there was a Terry Pratchett Documentary on television and of course, I had to watch it. I learned a few new things from the program and one comment really made me feel sad and I admit I was paid a visit by the onion fairy. What could be worse for someone with a great mind full of amazing stories than to lose everything to Alzheimer's?

Anyway, a couple of days later these arrived in the post.

They are the first two books of the Discworld series (irritatingly photographed the wrong way around, what can I say, I wasn't well!) With new hardback covers. My eldest daughter had bought them for me. It was a  lovely surprise. Thinking about it, when I first discovered Terry Pratchett I actually read The Light Fantastic before The Colour of Magic, so maybe the photograph was meant to be?

Next week I hope to bring you some fabulous aeroplane photos. Have a good week.


Sunday Snap

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