Saturday, 4 February 2017

My Sunday Photo - 5th February 2017

Valentines Cake with hearts and flowers

Boo has been pestering me for her to make a cake for a couple of weeks now. She wanted to make it all by herself with no help. Then I was sent a bunch of cake decorations and there was just no holding back Boo. So 9 am yesterday morning she got baking!

Apart from reaching a few things from the cupboard for her and leveling off the cake (Which involves a large knife) I did nothing, she did it all herself and we have the video to prove it!

So here it is, in pride of place for my Sunday photo this week. A gorgeous moist chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and lots of romantic decorations. All Boo's work, what a clever girl!

Boo proudly showing off the cake she made by herself

I guess I'd better get her application in for Junior Bake Off!


Sunday Snap

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