Friday, 10 February 2017

Word of the Week - Illness

I so wanted my word of the week this week to be positive but alas it's not to be as our household has been struck by the dreaded lurgy! It all started last week when Star was sent home sick from school on Friday. We took her to the GP and he diagnosed a throat infection. But she seemed much worse than just a sore throat. She had a temperature, a headache, a runny nose, and an upset tummy. She went to bed early and was really not well. Then this week we have had Boo sent home from school with a high temperature and much the same symptoms. And the following day it was the Little Man's turn to be picked up. We figured it wouldn't be long and I'd been tempted not to send him in, but in the morning he was fine, no temperature and looked ok. By lunchtime he was throwing  up everywhere and in fact has turned out to be the most poorly of the three. Bless him.

Graham has also been struck with the bug, feeling rough and complaining a bit but he's been getting with stuff mostly, he has too, I'm not much use anymore.

Then there is me, I didn't escape. Of course catching a bug like this exacerbates all my other conditions and I've been in so much pain. If lying awake at night unable to sleep because of your cough or blocked nose isn't bad enough, imagine trying to cope with your spine feeling as though it's on fire, every single disc and joint from your neck to your bottom just burning and stinging and creating the most incredible pain that you can't bear to move, not even reach your tissue. It's not much fun and sleep has evaded me most nights. Then I'm spending the day it what feels like a drunken stupor, I'm trying to function but it's not happening. 

Finally, I dragged my sorry butt to the doctors only to be told to go to A&E, which is where I spent most of yesterday. I have pneumonia! Thankfully they are letting me treat it at home, I just have to go back if I'm no better in 48 hours.

Next week I want a happy word to share, please!

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