Thursday, 16 February 2017

Word of the Week - Recovery

This week has been a week of recovery.
The kids were well enough to go back to school, although half the country seems to be on half term holiday already. Mine don't break up until the end of today and I can't wait!

Boo was still not one hundred percent well, but her temperature had settled and I figured she'd recover quicker at school rather than lying around doing nothing at home. I was right, she came home perfectly fine after having a good day.

Star and the Little Man were already on the way to recovery, all they had left was the sore lips and noses that you end up with after a nasty bug.

I was still quite poorly at the beginning of the week but the pain in my chest started to subside which was a huge relief. I knew I had been diagnosed with pneumonia and that it was that which was likely to be causing the pain, but both me and my husband were worried that this was something else to do with my condition. Stiff Person Syndrome, in particular the type I have, can cause your lungs to crush and give you breathing problems. I was hoping it would be something far in the future but when I got sick last week I began to think that this was it, it was happening already. This horrible crushing pain was how it was going to be for the rest of my life. Well, I'm pleased to say I was over dramatic and now the pain has almost gone completely. It does come back occasionally just to give me a crushing hug, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was, and it's not going to be my new normal. So now I am in recovery. I have spent the week just chilling out, taking it easy and taking the time to get better, and it's working.

So, the kids are well and I'm recovering and half term starts after today. It's Graham's 40th birthday this weekend so it's going to be one of celebration. I'm making him a cake, we are having a take out meal and on Sunday, for his birthday treat, we are going to an airplane museum where he has wanted to go for ages now.

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