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The Great Español Word Search - A Boolino Book Review

The Great Espanol Word Search book cover

Last week I saw Boo getting to grips with learning a new language thanks to Boolino books sending us a fabulous new book, The Great Español Word Search, a One Third Stories Book illustrated by Hannah Hutchings.

This book is unique in that it starts in English, and then it slowly introducing Spanish words so that you are reading them easily by the end of the book. They call it the clockwork methodology and it's really quite innovative. Along with the book you get an audio download so that you can learn how to pronounce the words correctly. You also get a set of 32 illustrated flash cards in English with Spanish on the other side, and a small information book on the country of the new language. You can also choose the book in French, Italian or German and each book will introduce your child to over 50 foreign words.

Our First Impressions:

The Great Español Word Search is a lovely hardback book with beautiful illustrations. It's a good sturdy book that will last. It's good that it comes with an audio download, it really helps to get to grips with the pronunciation of the foreign words. It's over 40 pages long with a glossary of the Spanish words and their meaning at the back. 

The Great Espanol Word Search glossary


The book is aimed at 4-9 years which is a great time to be learning a new language. Boo, is at the upper end of the age range already being 9, but she does need a lot of encouragement with her reading. She found reading this book quite easy, but was really excited to be able to listen along with the audio and learn the Spanish words. I'm definitely going to let The Little Man, aged 6, read it next as I'm sure he'll enjoy it too.

reading the great espanol word search along with audio

The Story:

The story is charming. It's all about a little girl who's words get lost and jumbled and she has to go and find a way of getting them back. She meets lots of fabulous characters like a teapot called Scrumpy Willow, a very big but friendly whale, a mermaid and a lion. The little girl helps them all and in return she finds her words. Picking up some Spanish ones on the way. The first few pages are all in English then the Spanish words are introduced slowly in such a way that you understand what they mean without having to look for an explanation. For example, the cat explains to the teapot that his friend has lost her words, and the teapot replies "lost her palabras?" "Si, of course I can help."
Before you know it, your child is reading the Spanish words and understanding them.

The Great Espanol Word Search page

The Verdict:

A great, good quality book with so much inside it. Not only do you get a great story but you get to learn a new language too. It costs £14.99 from Boolino Books. If you don't fancy Spanish you can get the story in French, Italian or German. I would definitely recommend this book as an introduction to a new language.

The Great Espanol Word Search illustrations

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